Malik “Lyon” Walton, known professionally as “rocstarlyon” is a 17 year-old american rapper, singer, and songwriter. Malik was born September 30, 2003 in the city of Los Angeles California, He is well known for his hit single “I tried” which dropped on March 30 of 2020 and recieved over 10Continue Reading

Dr. Dre has been in the process of getting a divorce for a while, and it hasn’t been a pretty one. For starts Nicole Young wants money, and we’re not talking a little bit she wants A LOT. To be more specific she wants $1,936,399 and unless you’re Jeff BezosContinue Reading

Sleep Walker is an upcoming recording artist located in Dallas, Texas by way of Florida. Having grown up playing keys in different churches he transitioned into producing and writing his own songs at an early age. With the ear of a musician and a soothing voice perfect for a lateContinue Reading

LjPix is a fresh new artist with a focus on combining the energy of trap with the warmth of old-school hip-hop. Recently, LjPix dropped a brand new single titled “Flagrant”. The song also features a collaboration with fellow artist Parlae, who brought a lot of character to the composition, takingContinue Reading

Philadelphia PA artist FrankDaBank is like no other artist. Melodies, flow, voice, delivery, you name it he has it. It’s been awhile since music like this has been made.Good storytelling, witty lines and seductive hooks. Coming from the streets of West Philly. Third youngest of 9 siblings. Both parents absentContinue Reading

HollyOnDemand an American Rapper from Brooklyn, NY, started writing and performing at the age of 10. She grew up in very tough neighborhood were she was able to turn to music as an outlet. She was exposed to a very rich and diverse music in her Brownsville Housing complex. ButContinue Reading