The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. Next, it moves on to the Republican controlled Senate. 97% of House Republicans voted against the bill leaving the bill likely to fail in the Senate. If it passes in the Senate it would thenContinue Reading

November 13th 2020 President Trump delivered a speech in the Rose Garden about Operation Warp Speed. Operation Warp Speed with the help of the military, White House staff, and private companies looks to deliver a quick turn around Covid-19 vaccine. Due to the operation Pfizer has a vaccine that isContinue Reading

Visible Progression Launches Competition Out of the Water as World’s Leading Social Media Marketing Expert The company’s CEO, Tony Giamei, has worked with some of the most notable celebrities of the 21st century. Cleveland, OH – Renowned company, Visible Progression, is pleased to announce it is blowing the competition outContinue Reading

Dr. Dre has been in the process of getting a divorce for a while, and it hasn’t been a pretty one. For starts Nicole Young wants money, and we’re not talking a little bit she wants A LOT. To be more specific she wants $1,936,399 and unless you’re Jeff BezosContinue Reading

Chadwick Boseman most well known for being the face of the Black Panther in Marvel’s hit 2018 movie was pronounced dead on August 28 at age 43. Chadwick had been diagnosed with stage III colon cancer back in 2016, and later stage IV in 2020. He did not speak publiclyContinue Reading

Days after tweeting he was running for president, the rapper Kanye West is reportedly dropping his attempt to get into the 2020 race. “He’s out,” adviser Steve Kramer told New York Magazine’s The Intelligencer. Kramer said he had been hired to help West get on ballots by gathering signatures in twoContinue Reading

Juice WRLD latest album, “Legends Never Die” is set to release tomorrow July 10th. The album reportedly features 15 tracks. This is the first album release since his death due to drug overdose at the end of last year. There have also been hints of a deluxe edition as wellContinue Reading