LjPix is a fresh new artist with a focus on combining the energy of trap with the warmth of old-school hip-hop. Recently, LjPix dropped a brand new single titled “Flagrant”. The song also features a collaboration with fellow artist Parlae, who brought a lot of character to the composition, takingContinue Reading

Philadelphia PA artist FrankDaBank is like no other artist. Melodies, flow, voice, delivery, you name it he has it. It’s been awhile since music like this has been made.Good storytelling, witty lines and seductive hooks. Coming from the streets of West Philly. Third youngest of 9 siblings. Both parents absentContinue Reading

HollyOnDemand an American Rapper from Brooklyn, NY, started writing and performing at the age of 10. She grew up in very tough neighborhood were she was able to turn to music as an outlet. She was exposed to a very rich and diverse music in her Brownsville Housing complex. ButContinue Reading

Memphis-based hip hop artists Riçh King Wit’ A Dream & RioDaDon recently released a new track called “No-Love”. The track is a perfect example of the sound Riçh King Wit’ A Dream & RioDaDon were able to craft from their at home studio.The song’s message is about reminiscing on lifeContinue Reading

Leafy Luhk is a Hip-Hop recording artist and songwriter from Beltzhoover the Southside of Pittsburgh,PA. He is also the founder of independent recording entity S.L.I.E Recordings, dating back to…. Click to read moreContinue Reading

Philly Blocks – Mr. 17th EP Fresh from the streets of Louisville, Ky ” Philly Blocks ” is here with his highly anticipated E.P. Mr. 17th, Narrated by Dj Murph & Ben Staxx, Philly Blocks packs a punch with his E.P featuring the Singles ” Clinton Era, and ” C.E.OContinue Reading

Former Oakland Raiders punter, superstar Marquette King is coming in hot with his track, “Lose Control“. Blended with classic 808s, high-hats, an unforgettable melody, and stacked with bars, “Lose Control” is an instant hit. King originally from Georgia but now based in Scottsdale, AZ took time off his memorable NFLContinue Reading

The 21-year-old Westside Atlanta native and former exotic dancer picked up the mic in 2019 and is making a name for herself with the regional hit “Clap It (Remix)” featuring Southern rap veteran Boosie BadAzz. Her debut mixtape, Came a Long Way, the unfiltered story of her journey from growingContinue Reading

Kyle Bent (born August 12, 1997, Jamaica) is a Hip-Hop artist, songwriter and singer, known for his 2012 Mixtape titled The Catalyst. He initially made a name for himself in Boston as an unsigned artist. Bent taught himself the basics of audio engineering and recording. In 2014 Bent released aContinue Reading

Genre-mixing Jehry Robinson delivers a bold blend on his Strange Music debut album, 20/Twenty, out on August 21.  On the album, Jehry delivers emotional confessions with the dynamics and diversity of a one-man music festival. “I’m taking all of those genres and emotions and fusing them into one sound,” heContinue Reading

EsZ aka “E crookedletter Z” is an acclaimed ” art student turned rapper ” from Brooklyn,NYC releasing his first single for 2020 ‘(Get Busy) but a Dream’ providing an example of his witty story-ish lyrics with a natural chill delivery on one of his more commercial beats. The overall vibeContinue Reading

Jason DeFord, known professionally as Jelly Roll, is an American rapper known for his collaborations with Tech N9ne, Lil Wyte, Haystak and Struggle Jennings. He has influenced many artists such as “The Reverend” aka Rob Burton on songs such as “numb to the pain” and “back in time”. Watch hisContinue Reading